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About the teacher

Sharon Westin

Sharon Westin has been drawing, writing or painting for as long as she can remember. At school, she would spend her lunch breaks in the art room; in year 10, she was asked to participate in art classes with the year 12 students; and at 15, she confidently began an adult evening photography course. Every part of her life has involved art in some way, and continues to do so.

With over 20 years’ experience as a graphic designer, with almost half of that operating her own business, Sharon runs the art classes and workshops from her home studio. She has also started a new business, Artfulness Retreats, which are small-group weekend art and meditation retreats.

Sharon loves imparting her knowledge of the arts to children and adults alike. She likes to run the classes quite fluidly, allowing the students to help guide the way the classes flow and allow their creativity be expressed to the fullest.